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The Racoon Bookstore was founded in the fall of 1998 as a means of support for our site The Racoon Bookstore works in the following way: Amazon.com pays us a commission for every book ordered from their site when you use a link from our site to get there. If you link to search for your own books, then our commission is less; however if you purchase one of our recommended selections, we receive a higher commission. Either way, the price you pay for your books is the same as if you went directly to Amazon.com. To find out how to give the Racoon the maximum commission for all of your orders, whether recommended on the Racoon or not, see instructions below, click here..

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This is a collection of short stories with our own M'sMom as one of the authors!

All proceeds from this book go to Doctors without Borders. If you click through this ad to purchase the book, HHP gets a commission from the sale, too, so you can help two very worthwhile causes at one time and get  some great reading, as a bonus.

We are always accepting suggestions for books to add to these pages. As you can see, the page has a new format, thus it will be easier to update and keep up to date. We welcome your suggestions. Please email Rajah, the Racoon Bookstore Coordinator, with any ideas for new additions to the site. If Amazon.com doesn't have it and you want it, he'll find it! Meanwhile, enjoy your visit!

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Have you ever wondered how Amazon knows how to give Racoon.com proper credit for your purchases? The trick lies in the link that you click on from this page. In order to give us credit for all of your purchases, you just need to know the correct URL to enter in your browser's navigation bar. In order to do this, you simply need the book's ISBN number, which is the 10-digit number Amazon uses to identify the book. This can be found by doing a search for the book and then going to the page the book is found on. The ISBN number is located under the image in small type. Once you know that, you simply type the following URL: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/##########/herpeshomepagebo and replace the # symbols with the ISBN number.

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