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#12, RE: Research Holds Promise For Herpes Vaccine
Posted by muffin on Oct-18-06 at 05:48 PM
In response to message #8
I'm glad to see you are making progress on the fundraising front! Please be sure to let us know when your webpage is ready.

It may be worthwhile to have a little fundraising barometer updated periodically to show how much you have collected over time. If people see progress toward a goal they may be more inclined to donate.

Also, I notice the current method of donating appears to require personal information. Please check to see if "HHRF" is entered in the "Other" line that the funds will still make it to you. I'm sure there are many who will hesitate to donate if their name is linked directly to a herpes fund (you know how it is!).

Additionally, on the donation form the donor has the option to have a donation credited in honor of someone else. I do not know if this means that anonymity is preserved or not if the donation will be recorded as a donation on bahalf of the named person/group. Do you know?

Thank you for sharing your progress with us!