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#14, RE: Research Holds Promise For Herpes Vaccine
Posted by BH on Oct-18-06 at 07:54 PM
In response to message #12
Hi Muffin,

Wow! Great points to consider. I just launched that page within the last hour or so, so you must have seen it within 10 minutes of launch.

I will look into the anonymity issue, and clarify that on the web page.....great points!

I can talk to the Foundation and make it clear that checks marked HHVF (Halford Herpes Vaccine Fund) are for my research....that's easy.

Regarding the online form, I am pretty sure that the personal information is so that anybody donating can deduct the donation from their income tax.....I don't think anyone wants to miss out on a tax break.
However, point well taken.....I can see where some people might be uneasy submitting a 1040 Schedule A to everyone at the IRS that advertises their donation to the the Herpes Vaccine Foundation.

Thanks for the feedback....a lot of people can smooth something like this out a lot quicker than one person.