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#15, RE: Let me be the first, Bill...
Posted by BH on Oct-18-06 at 08:03 PM
In response to message #11
Great question, which I will address on my website in some detail....under construction, so may take a few days.

For now, a therapeutic vaccine would be great, but it's hard to go from where we are now (no effective vaccine at all) to the ideal of a therapeutic vaccine.

Once it is established that live vaccines (i.e., a real live herpes simplex virus, but missing one critical gene) can be used safely, then I think that opens a lot of possibilities for a therapeutic vaccine. For now, however, I am afraid that the ideal of a therapeutic vaccine is not directly addressed by my approach.

The most obvious use I can think of a genital herpes vaccine, like I am proposing, would be for young kids whose parents are realistic enough to know that their kids will have sex one day and for new prospective partners of those who already have genital herpes and have to go through the whole emotional thing of explaining the facts fictions about this condition. I think a vaccine would make that way easier to deal with.

Great question, but the bottom line is that I won't believe that I have a good approach in mind for a therapeutic vaccine until I figure out a good system to test that idea.

- Bill

P.S. Regarding not understanding the approach, I hope that the updates to my website will answer all those sorts of questions....Hopefully done by next Friday.