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#20, RE: A thought about anonymous donations...
Posted by auntiejessi on Oct-21-06 at 04:07 PM
In response to message #19
LAST EDITED ON Oct-21-06 AT 04:07 PM (CDST)
I have avoided posting here, but can't help myself now.

I think sometimes we want our cake, and eat it too, and sometimes we can't.

I think we are only contributing to the stigma of herpes by wanting to make sure our donations are anonymous. Do you think the IRS gives one big hooey that you have donated to a herpes research fund? Do you think they have time to care?

And Ouch - this isn't just directed at you, hon. Its the whole point that here we sit complaining about stigma, and complaining that not enough research is being done, yet we get scared to donate because we don't want people to know we have it.

I say this all the time about Sparky's tees, and I will say this now for this - if you donated to a save the whales fund - would people think you are a whale? If you donated to breast cancer research, would people think you had it? And if they did, who cares??


OH and thanks, Bill, for all your work on this!!