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#0, Herpes vaccines explained..
Posted by Rajah on Oct-19-06 at 01:01 PM
In looking over Bill Halford's material I read the following discussion of the various herpes vaccine attempts in the past and found it fascinating reading.

One of the things that I had not been aware of was this from section 2.3: "High antibody titers are not part of immunological "memory." Immunoglobulin G (IgG) has a half-life of 3 weeks and B cells only survive for a few days upon differentiating into antibody-producing plasma cells. Thus, the titers of HSV-specific IgG in asymptomatic carriers can only be explained by frequent re-stimulation of HSV-specific memory B cells to initiate antigen-dependent cell division and differentiation into IgG-producing plasma cells (62)."

There is a LOT of great information in that article if you'll wade through it. Many thanks to Bill for making that information available in a readable form.

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