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#1, RE: Herpes vaccines explained..
Posted by C16679 on Oct-19-06 at 06:51 PM
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Ack!! What the heck does that mean? The IgG cells (or whatever they are) die off regularly, so even if you are asymptomatic, the fact that they can get a positive IgG test result means the virus is moving around, either coming to the surface without causing bad symptoms or trying to invade other cells in the ganglia or something that isn't actually resulting in the virus being on the skin surface, but that the virus is active very often resulting in constantly produced IgG which is how you get a positive test result??

Sorry for the ridiculously long sentence. That's what it sounds like to me, am I understanding any of that correctly?

I already have other questions, but maybe I'll wait and see if I am understanding this correctly first, it may change my other questions.

Thanks Rajah for posting that and to anyone who answers me.