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#18, RE: I think you understand it fine.. ...and so do I.
Posted by Bahama on Oct-23-06 at 11:30 PM
In response to message #17
Yeah, i think i get it too...so i guess we just need smarter immune systems to blast these little buggers while their in latency huh?...but i guess that's never gonna happen...boooooo

It kinda makes me wonder what the virus really wants to do to me anyway, you know. It's inside my body, taking every measure to stay alive and attack whenever possible. If my body didn't eventually recognize it, what would it do...cover me head to toe in oozing sores 'til i die...why, herp? why? what did i ever do to you?

...don't mind me, i'm a little nutty

Anyway, thanks a lot Bill for the info...very, very interesting...and i'm always eager to learn.