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#2, I think you understand it fine.. This is new to me, too...
Posted by Rajah on Oct-19-06 at 09:23 PM
In response to message #1
What Bill is saying is that if there was no viral activity at all, the immune system wouldn't see it and the IgG antibodies would fade away gradually over a period of weeks. The fact that, in my case, my HSV2 IgG test showed >5.00 indicates that my virus is still active in some way since I've got plenty of antibodies.

I think this answers another point that has come up from time to time here and that is, if there was a "cure" that magically eliminated the virus from our bodies, the IgG antibody count would fade away and after a few months we'd test negative. Previously, we've maintained that once you have the antibodies, you've got them forever. Interesting, as Spock would say.

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