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#5, RE: I think you understand it fine.. This is new to me, too.
Posted by C16679 on Oct-19-06 at 09:52 PM
In response to message #2

Thanks again. Yeah, totally interesting, and no kidding, perfect point about the "cures" and the antibody count.

But, yes, that's what is kind of freaking me out. I am seemingly asymptomatic, but my IgG was also "greater than 5.0"! So then I think holy sh^t, is it really THAT active, but I still think I'm not having symptoms? That's why I was sort of wondering if it's possible that some of this activity is taking place deep inside the body, on that cellular level. Like the stuff Howl was explaining in that Support thread...(and I'm sure I'm misstating things, but hopefully you get the gist). We know the HSV is active when it comes to the surface of the skin either asymptomatically or with lesions, etc. And we know from studies that some people aren't shedding every few weeks (right?). So I'm wondering if there is another type of "active" behavior, for instance, is the virus not just waiting quietly in the nerve cells, but is it still being "active", trying to come out and infect other nerve cells or fight off the immune system cells...and is this part of what keeps the antibody count regenerating, and possibly without coming to the surface of the skin?

Do we know if that's what's happening or am I exhibiting a good imagination?