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Subject: "High positive IgG number reveals what?" Archived thread - Read only
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Member since Apr-30-09
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Apr-30-09, 02:24 PM (CST)
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"High positive IgG number reveals what?"
   Can you please help interpret testing results of HSV type 1 IgG specific? I have searched on the internet for hours trying to find some explanation such as

what is normal range results for HSV type 1 IgG specific?

What factors may contribute to results being out of normal range particularly on the high end of the range? factors such as... how long you have had the virus, having another virus during the test, stress, the anti-viral pills like Valtrex in your system?

If recent infection is a common factor that may contribute to high positive result, what determines recent infection range, 7-10 days? I read this in an online medical journal “Most Serum samples taken with in 7-10 days of infection show significantly increased IgG antibodies.” Has anyone else heard this? and what did you hear was considered a recent infection?

Of course I have a doctor that provided an explanation of my test results. He stated that since my HSV IgG I result was high that I must also have Genital and oral herpes. I have had Oral Herpes my entire life, I would like some facts about test results before I just accept this answer that the high positive level of HSV I can identify whether I have Genital herpes.

LabCorp Test results for me:
HSV Type I IgG Specific 4.77
HSV Type 2 IgG specific <0.91

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Member since Aug-29-06
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Apr-30-09, 04:40 PM (CST)
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1. "RE: High positive IgG number reveals what?"
In response to message #0
   Oh, hon, your doctor is a fool. You obviously have a pos. Type I result, but it's not like an unheard-of number or anything. And for God's sake, as you said, you have had oral HSV since childhood. That's it. Done. Sheesh. It would also be very unlikely that you would get infected genitally by Type I b/c you have the antibody protection from your oral infection.

Btw, my Type II result was "greater than 5.0" and I've never once considered that to indicate that I'm infected in multiple locations. And when I got that result, my 2 partners turned out to be neg. so I knew I had been infected a min. of 5 years at that point, and maybe as long as 17.

All your number proves is that you have the OHSV-I you already knew about.


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