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"Re: Long term outlook...."  Theoldguy70 Apr 29, 2000  Words of considerable wisdom

"The Positive Side of Being Positive. (long, but worth it.)" Guera Jan 30, 2008

"Asking, telling, living with herpes, screwing up, doing the right thing" Another memorable post from M'sMom

"Happiness After Herpes" The classic from Lisa2 Feb 10, 2002

"New job, Health insurance questions" from Sept 2004

Discussion about herpes and the military from June 2003

"a poem to my herpes...." An oldie that is good for a laugh.

"Something that might make you feel better if you have recently gotten herpes." Posted by Meredeth.

"How do I have sex??!" The title says it all.

"OK you websearching folks" Discussion about oral HSV-2

"Alternative Treatments"  Posted by Msmom  Apr-13-00, 07:28 AM (CST) 

"I want my life back. . ." (dealing with herpes after having it for years) Posted by Jewels on Jan-06-00 at 01:20 PM

"Goodbye, It's been interesting but not for us..." Posted by Lakeland on Nov-21-99 at 02:24 AM 

"finally not alone" Posted by Teddybear on Dec-07-99 at 10:33 PM 

"We both have it..." Posted by dave on Dec-14-99 at 06:38 AM 

"Testing " Posted by Amber on Dec-08-99 at 01:18 AM

 "Moral Dilemma" (giving support to someone when you overheard they have herpes) Posted by Keyser Soze on Jan-10-00 at 02:55 PM 

"Forgiving your 'giver'; a question; 'migration' of sores" Posted by Pariah on Jan-20-00 at 08:34 PM 

"Give me a reason to stay around" (suicidal) Posted by Chicago on Feb-20-00 at 03:39 PM 

"Oral Herpes" Posted by Pnut on Mar-13-00 at 01:08 PM 

 "brokenhearted" (kid just diagnosed) Posted by mom on Apr-03-00 at 04:59 PM 

"Found Out Today" Posted by Jeff on Apr-06-00 at 10:43 

"oral sex, any realistic ideas??" Posted by cowgirl on Apr-06-00 at 08:03 AM 

"h2o2 does anyone no about this treatment?" Posted by steve on Apr-10-00 at 11:22 AM 

"msmom, I got an email from the Dr in mexico" Posted by will on Apr-18-00 at 01:12 PM 

 "disgusted" (calling people with herpes names) Posted by bigboy22 on Apr-28-00 at 04:33 PM

"Skanky" and "Leper" and "Clean" - OH MY ... Posted by msmom May-23-00 11:59 PM

"Freaked out about telling"  Posted by Cassidy on Apr-10-00 at 11:05 AM


"1 in 30,000 chance of transmission" by Mister Blobby Dec-05-02

Which nerve fibers does herpes infect? Excellent technical discussion.

Steroids and herpes discussion by Dr. Rattus

Thread entitled "Rattus..." Discussion about technical aspects of acyclovir.

"HSV in the bloodstream - an ignorant (but technical) question" Posted by M'sMom Dec-12-99, 10:55 PM (CST)

"A Must Read Review of HSV" Posted by Rattus on Mar-16-00 at 08:44 PM  
Note: The lead article in Rattus's post now requires a login and subscription which is $113.00/yr. for individuals. I guess they don't want just anyone to have this information   Rajah 7-21-00 Thanks for the update, Rattus

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