Herpes Home Page Needs Your Help! The Herpes Homepage

Help us grow

Thanks to you The Herpes Home Page has become very successful, in fact, far more successful than we imagined. It could be the Page has taken on a life of its own!

This is wonderful.

Yet the Herpes Home Page needs resources in order to grow and serve more of those it can benefit. This is almost an organic process - and we need your help.

Many people have come forth and volunteered their time to build this into a great site. We have had requests to add services, such as improved chat services, a searchable social database, possible drug discounts and more based on users requests. We want to do all of these things. We likely will need to expand the capabilities of our server, we need to pay for a few training classes for volunteers, and provide them with necessary software.

There is much enthusiasm about what the Herpes Home Page site is becoming. This is a call for you to aid in the preservation of our rather unconventional healthcare experiment.

If you can please send even a small contribution to help support this site. The idea is to become user supported and not dependent on any single organization with its own agendas. We have talented contributors and a lot of administration going on behind the scene to keep this process going.

Contact Jack Freedman via e-mail about making contributions at

Thank You!