HHP Mission Statement

The HHP Organization is committed to providing information, education, service and support to the people and families challenged by issues related to the herpes virus. A person who is host to the herpes virus has a chronic health problem. The purpose of the HHP organization is to assist these individuals and their families in achieving better management techniques regarding to their health and social situations.

The programs of the HHP organization will be established in ways that always recognize the dignity of the individual, and their loved one's, their rights to privacy and their humanity. The HHP organization will also foster a sense of responsibility for self care and encourage behaviors that constrain the spread of the herpes simplex virus.


The organization will be governed by a nine-member board, which will meet electronically or otherwise on a quarterly basis. A three person executive committee will meet monthly to conduct business between regular board meetings as necessary. The board will have responsibility for organizational oversight, policy formation, and long range planning (as differentiated from strategic planning). Continuing education regarding governance and board effectiveness and self-evaluation are recognized essentials .

Service on the board is not a ceremonial honor. It is a major responsibility, demanding several hours a month reviewing information, making and analyzing decisions. It is further expected that board members will work with committees of the board, com prised of web-site stakeholders to achieve the outcomes as specified in the organization's Mission Statement through the sponsorship, monitoring and evaluation of the organization's programs. It is anticipated board members will be compensated commensurat e with the organization's ability to meet it's financial goals.


Achievement of the board's policies will rest in the CEO of the HHP. This is a full time commitment and will be a properly compensated position consistent with the financial capabilities of the organization. The CEO, accountable to the board will create an appropriate organizational structure to achieve the aims of the organization.

Functional Programs

  1. Support Peer counseling services utilizing the resources of the internet, organized to maximize the effectiveness of such programs, as well as their accessibility.
  2. Research Create and fund a research endowment that can offer funding to grant applications, or contribute toward pre-existing research regarding HSV. These research initiatives will include both pure scientific as well as behavioral research to increase understanding of what are the most effective methods of causing behavioral change regarding attitudes and actions relating to HSV.
  3. Information/Education Publishing results of organization sponsored research as well as other relevant information of interest to both the general public, the scientific community and those administrative decision makers in legislative or admin istrative positions who's decision making impacts the HSV effected population.
  4. Public Awareness A broad based campaign to increase the awareness and sensitivity of the general public regarding the health issues related to  HSV and promoting a better understanding of the consequences of being affected with  HSV.
  5. Economic Benefits Specific programs that can provide economic relief to those requiring medical and therapeutic services as a result of  HSV. These economic benefits can cover a wide range of opportunities from reducing expenses for obtaining prescriptions at reduced cost to other group purchasing of products and services.
  6. Service Generation of program initiatives that improve the quality of life for people attempting to manage their lives that have been impacted by  HSV.

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