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HHP related sites

The Herpes News  Our own herpes news site

No Cure for Herpes  a site that explains why there's no cure for herpes in the foreseeable future.

Blue's MySpace herpes page.  

The HHP Forum Info and Biography page.
The HHP Forum Picture page.

Amanda's Tips for Telling a Partner

Links pages - Other Resources about herpes

HerpesAnonymous.com  Here, you're among friends.

http://loveinthetimeofherpes.blogspot.com/  Silver Lining's herpes blog

The Herpes Resource Center This innovative resource offers supportive
and educational Teleclasses which are facilitated by a professional
counselor. Get informed, gain valuable tools, get empowered and learn to
live life beyond herpes. Click here.

Yoshi2me's exhaustive herpes links page.

http://yourstdhelp.com/ A site about all the STDs, including herpes, with a useful link to free clinics across the US


We have our own HHP herpes chat, open 24 hours a day at: http://www.myramp.net/x7/

Discussion Forums

The Original Herpes Homepage  Our own Message board to share thoughts, feelings and ideas with fellow herpes sufferers.

National and International Support Groups

France - Living & Loving with Herpes in France  **NEW** 

http://herpes.medicalistes.org/ A herpes site in French.

Dutch support organization. www.hiso.nl  (In the Dutch language.)

American Social Health Assoc. Herpes Resource Center

Picking up the Pieces Yahoo! Group

UK Herpes Viruses Association 

Melbourne Herpes Self Help Group Listing self help groups around the world!

Russian herpes support group (in Russian Lang.)  Thanks to Dr. Ivan Kokotkine
Website: http://herpes.ru/her/pat/gh/sup/

Local Support Groups (Alphabetical listing)

Alabama H Club http://www.alabamahclub.com/ 

Baltimore Herpes Support Group 

California, Los Angeles LA Help

Charlotte, NC

Chicago POC http://www.pocchicago.com/

Cleveland HPV Support http://www.clevelandhpvsupport.com/ 

Delaware Valley HPV Support http://www.delawarehpvsupport.com/ 

DFW Friends

Detroit - Metro Detroit Help

South Florida Social group, click here to e-mail if interested

Southwest Florida HELP, click here to e-mail. Ft. Meyers

Houston, Tx

Illinois H Friends

Indiana   Indy friends Yahoo club

Indianapolis   Indy HELP

Knoxville Herpes http://www.knoxvilleherpes.com/ 

Maine_H_Network http://www.maine-h-network.com/

Maine HPV (MEHPV) http://www.mainehpvsupport.com/ 

Michigan POC http://www.pocmichigan.com/ 

Northeast-H (New England & Southwestern Canada) http://www.northeast-h.com/ 

New Orleans Helper Group
P.O. Box 55811
Metairie, La. 70055

New York Herpes Recovery Anonymous: http://members.tripod.com/HRAnyc/

New York People of Color

NY Singles HPV http://www.nysingleshpv.com/ 

Ohio POC http://www.pocohio.com/ 

Omaha HELP    

Orlando HELP & H2O  ***NEW***

Pennsylvania People with Herpes http://www.pennsylvaniapeoplewithherpes.com/

Philly POC http://www.pocphilly.com/ 

H2O of Pittsburgh is now Pittsburgh United Friends!! with a new web site.

Central Pennsylvania (Yahoo group)

Saint Louis, MO

San Antonio, TX

San Diego Help  

SD Friends 20's-30's  

Seattle H Scene  http://www.seattlehscene.com/ 

San Francisco    

Bay Area Friends (BAF) Public Website:
Bay Area Friends (BAF) Message Board:

San Francisco HELP Support Group:

Washington  Capital Area Friends http://groups.yahoo.com/group/capitolareafriends/ 

DC Metro POC http://www.pocdcmetro.com/ 

International Social and Support Groups 

Australia, Sydney

Know of a link that should be here? Write to us!

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